Saving you time

Collecting and paginating medical records is vital, however it can be a time consuming and costly process. We are here to aid you through this process to make it as seamless as possible. Our medical records collection and pagination service can be used as part of our ongoing service to you during the case or as a standalone service.

Medical records collection

Instruct Affinity Medical Services to obtain medical records required for a case to save you time and resources.

Our long standing relationship with medical records providers throughout the UK enables us to obtain all the records you require.

We can cut down your administrative duties by obtaining a signed written consent from the client so you can keep focusing on the case.

You will receive the medical records promptly and securely ensuring  data protection is maintained throughout the process.

Medical records pagination

  • Favourable commercial terms.
  • We only utilise the most highly regarded providers for a guaranteed service of the highest calibre.
  • Rapid service levels to ensure efficient delivery.
  • Ensuring the case is only handled by the most appropriately qualified expert.
  • We can provide a priority service depending on your needs.
  • Our pagination services can be used at the medical records collection stage or on medical records that have already been obtained.