About Affinity Medical Services

We have been instructed by your Solicitor or insurance company to complete a medical assessment and a report as a result of your accident or injury. An appointment will be arranged with a dedicated medical expert for you within 48 hours of us receiving the instruction. Affinity Medicals staff are experienced in helping you prepare for your appointment in an effortless manner.

About your appointment

Your appointment has been arranged with a medical expert from our specialist panel of experts. Our team at Affinity Medical Services will arrange a convenient appointment for you within 20 minutes travel time from your home address. We are able to accommodate this as we have an extensive range of nationwide consultation rooms throughout the UK.

The time the appointment will last depends on each individual case.

About your medical expert

All of our medical legal professionals are highly trained and are experienced in the medical legal process. Each of our experts have a comprehensive medical background to undertake your assessment, determine a likely recovery and recommend any further treatment.

What will the medical expert ask?

The medical expert will guide you through the whole appointment process and give you the relevant advice regarding recovery from your injuries. The independent expert will ask you details about the following:

  • Your accident
  • Any treatment you may have received
  • Any impact the accident has had on your lifestyle


The medical expert will then ask to physically examine you appropriate to your situation. It is important you listen to what he or she has to ask you and that you answer in a calm and clear manner.

Do not hesitate to ask the medical expert any questions if you do not understand anything.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Your appointment letter
  • Photographic ID such as a driving licence or passport
  • Any details of previous or continuing treatment or medication related to your sustained injury such as physiotherapy

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

You can bring a relative or friend with you to the appointment. If you are under 18 an adult must accompany you to the appointment.

What if I am unable to attend my appointment?

If you are unable to attend or need to rearrange your appointment please call 01254 682224. Please try to call at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a non- attendance fee charged by the medical expert.

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