Aiding your recovery

We provide a complete rehabilitation packages for your clients needs. Our rehabilitation unit is a client dedicated entity where the client’s welfare is the core focus. Ensuring a client’s long term recovery is a pivotal role to returning the client to their pre-accident state.

We are working with the best providers to provide swift recovery of the client.

  • Comprehensive panel of well established treatment providers.
  • Nationwide treatment rooms.
  • Wide range of coordinated, tailor-made rehabilitation programs.
  • Convenient appointments working around the client’s schedule and needs.

We offer specialist treatments such as;

  • Triage service – understanding the complete breakdown of services required for the client.
  • Targeted physiotherapy.
  • Musculoskeletal – muscles and joint problems including sport injuries.
  • Neurological – conditions affecting the brain or spinal cord.
  • Paediatrics – children’s treatment, development and physiotherapy.
  • Psychological trauma.
  • Surgical procedures to aid and complete a full recovery.
  • Occupational health therapy.
Senior male physiotherapist working with a young female patient.

Restoring movement through a holistic approach.

We have high quality practices of professional clinic Physiotherapists throughout the UK. Our practitioners provide personalised services designed to meet the client’s needs. State of the art clinics with technology led equipment ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Therapist speaking to a rehab group at therapy session

The human touch.

An accident can result in psychological as well as physical difficulties. Some clients psychological problems can resolve spontaneously, some are left wary months after the accident and others have traumatic reactions and need help to manage them.  We organise a range of psychological treatments through a referral in a medical report or as a standalone service.


Technology led innovative procedures.

We facilitate nationwide bespoke diagnostic services. Our innovative medical screening and comprehensive health checks are available for private, corporate and insurance related diagnostics.