Audiology Screening

We carry out screening clinics throughout the England to assess whether there is evidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss prior to an ENT examination. Our Audiologists undertaking the hearing tests have years of experience and carry our full bone conduction hearing tests in a sound proof booth to ensure the most accurate result.

  • Fully qualified and experienced Audiologists
  • BSA compliant
  • Hearing tests carried out in a sound proof booth
  • Sound levels tested before the hearing test is undertaken

CERA tests

If you require a more accurate result, we arrange Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry. This test is useful where there may be doubt to the reliability of the pure tone audiometry results. This can be for reasons such as:

  • Non-organic hearing loss
  • Moderate to severe tinnitus
  • Language barriers

CERA tests use MRI scans as a way of identifying NIHL which removes the need for the client to physically react to sound in hearing tests.


Once the client has attended a hearing test, organised by us, a Coles compliant report is compiled. If the results are positive, instruction for an ENT desktop report, based only on the audiogram, medical and occupational records will be compiled.

Quality is paramount to us. We rigorously run results and reports through quality assurance checks to ensure that reports are correct the first time.

Following receipt of a positive screening audiogram, we will arrange an ENT consultation for the client. Another hearing test will take place at the examination, under the supervision of the ENT. A Coles compliant report will then be compiled including a review of medical and occupational records.

ENT examination and reports

Through our years of experience, we know each case is different and needs a tailored process according to the circumstances. As such we offer the following options for ENT reports:

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Using a range of screening methods we can advise you on the most appropriate process for your client to minimise costs and unsuccessful cases.